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Vaibhav Kala Vaibhav Kala
Vaibhav is one of India's most experienced river guides, with over 16 years of river expeditions. He has run successful descents on all major Himalayan Rivers. Vaibhav and Thunderbow Expedition work together to provide the ultimate experience of Indian Himalayan river expedition to our clients.
Anvesh Anvesh Tapa
Safety kayaker & river guide with 8 years of guiding river expeditions. His skills have been honed on many of the toughest Indian Himalayan river. Integral part of our expedition team.

Rana Dhrav Naresh Rana
Expedition river guide with 9 years of guiding experience on many Indian Himalayan Rivers. He is a very competent guide with a very positive attitude addictive smile and sense of humor. Important member of our expedition team.
Vikram Joshi Vikram Joshi
Expedition Safety kayaker and river guide with 17 years of running Himalayan River. He is one of India's most experienced river guides. Integral part of our expedition team.
kan Kan Singh
Expedition safety kayaker and Camp operations. From looking after the clients smallest needs to running a safe confident line through a rapid. His positive attitude & keen sense of learning makes him an integral part of our expedition team.
Maj Gen. Chandan S. Nugyal Maj Gen. Chandan S. Nugyal
Our logistics guru. He is a Retired Army General with 27 years of experience in the great north east of India. He is our logistics man who accompanies us on all trips in Arunachal Pradesh. His Passion is exploring this untouched area & truly a remarkable man. With him on board with land support every thing flows in harmony. It is a honor to work with him.
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